my favorite time of year


As July creeps in and we get closer and closer to the dreaded end of summer… it’s also my favorite time of year. School supplies go on sale! I’ve always loved school supplies, even back in the days when my treasured collection was a box of Lisa Frank shaped erasers. I’m a nerd, a geek, and I’m a proud of it. 

Yesterday, this came in the mail: 

(Don’t worry, Walmart doesn’t know I exist, so no endorsements happening here!)

My husband thought I was a little crazy to be so giddy about pens and pencils but they just make me super happy. Right now, my Safari window has tabs for Staples and Office Max, where I can peruse this week’s big sales.

I always joke that I became a teacher so I would always need school supplies… sometimes I think it might not be a joke after all. :-X

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  1. Hahahaha, I miss school supplies! Now i only get to carry three black pens.. Not much of a variety, lol.. Love you girl.
    Ps, that value pack is AMAZING! 🙂

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