Clean out day #3


Today’s challenge is the medicine cabinet. This is actually a closet in our master bathroom, so we also use it to store lots of back up toiletries etc.



It took over an hour but I’m so happy with the results! I used containers we already had so they don’t match but it was free! I made labels before I started but they weren’t what I ended up needing so I handwrote the rest and will type them when I get a chance.



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  1. I get such joy out of organizing a cluttered corner in my home. It’s amazing how I’ll shudder everytime I open that door or closet, but when I really focus on cleaning it out it really only takes an hour of my time. I love that you labeled all the different containers!

    • I’m the same way, Stephanie! I get really good at avoidance, but in the end it’s much easier to just tackle the space and get it cleaned out. It feels SO much better once it is all cleaned out and looking nice.

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