Just a “Quick” introduction to our little family:

B – The patriarch of our family, but always a kid at heart. He’s my high school sweetheart and the hardest working guy I know.
J – That’s me!  A little bit stubborn, a little bit feisty. But always there for the ones I love.
T – Our 4 1/2 year old. He starts PreK this year and never fails to let us know how special he is. He’s got his daddy’s sense of humor and his mama’s temper!

The dogs:
Gunner – Our 6 year-old Boxer. He’s spoiled, he’s a baby and he’s been beat up by a cat. What else can I say!
Bella – She was our housewarming gift from my sister – a spunky Blue Heeler who runs the pack every chance she gets.
Lexie – Our Blood Hound rescue – she outweighs the other two by at least 40 pounds but she’s just a big, sweet girl.

The chickens:
1. Gracie – A Blue Andalusian who loves to follow us around.
2. Rosie – A black star “ginger” – the friendliest of the group.
3. Angora – All-black black star, bless her heart, she’s the clumsy one.
4. Fatty Patty – Our “fluffy” red star.
5. & 6. The Blondie twins. Just check their tail feathers!
7. Thumper – Known for her foot-stomping temper tantrums.
8. Paula Deen – It started as ‘Paul-a’ because she looks like a boy, but at least she makes breakfast!
9. & 10. – Henrietta 1 & 2 – Sorry, but 5 months later and we still can’t tell them apart!

And finally, Spike. He’s a rescued bearded dragon who loves sunny afternoons and some peace & quiet!


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