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Summer’s end



I’ve been back in my classroom this week. I cannot believe how fast this summer went by. Because of some unexpected things that came up this summer, we didn’t get to do nearly as much as I had planned on. I feel bad for Tristan – I thought we would spend the summer going to the zoo and to parties and shopping and to the movies – but really he hasn’t gotten a whole lot of adventure. He did get to go to a birthday party this past weekend though, and they had foam!


As for my classroom… apparently after two years, you lose some of your momentum to redecorate every summer. My room is pretty much how I want it, but I feel a little guilty that my returning students will be looking at mostly all the same ol’ scenery.

I did add that snazzy new banner to my office window – I got it from Whimzy Creations on Etsy, in case you’re super jealous and want one for yourself. She also does birthday and party banners and she was really understanding of all my special requests. 😉


I shamelessly stole the idea for the filing cabinet from Pinterest. I am so excited for my staff kids to use it as an equipment station. The cameras are all organized and locked in the drawers, there are photography tips and reporters’ notebooks on top, and their sign-out sheets and inventory list is stuck to the side. On the “back” is my new and improved make-up work folders (which I also stole from Pinterest). I have a few paper lanterns ordered (which I will post once they arrive) but other than that, my kids just get to walk back in like nothing has changed. 🙂

I had my first staff meeting with the yearbook kiddos yesterday and I think they have lots of great ideas for the new book. My graduated seniors are still working on the last little details of the 2012 book, but we’re hoping to start distributing next week. I can’t believe some of the things we overlooked this year, but I just wasn’t on top of my game. I had pretty serious medical problems all fall – when I wasn’t missing school, I was darting over to the hospital on breaks to do lab work or just suffering through and trying to make it through another day. Before I got all of that under control, we made an offer on our house and then I was super busy gathering documents and filling out paperwork and hoping for the best – I just kept thinking that if we got the house, everything would settle down. And then, the weekend after we moved in to the house, my godmother passed away very unexpectedly. And I spent the rest of the school year just trying to not burst into tears.

It was a really rough year, so as much as I’m sad that the summer is over, I’m glad to be starting over. I have a great group of kids and I enjoy my job and I just need to get back in there and do it better this time. 🙂 Anyone else have some resolutions for this school year?

While you’re thinking of them, I’ll leave you with this… our dinner from last night. Eight of our ten hens are now laying eggs daily, so at any given time we have between 60-75 eggs in our fridge. A little yummy omelette every now and then helps keep the supply in check! 😉



my (big) boy


Tristan got his class placement letter and school supply list for Pre-K in the mail today. I can’t believe he’s going to the “big” school in just a few weeks!

He got the teacher we requested and I am thrilled for him – I think he’s going to love her! I’ve heard she’s very friendly and laid-back and that’s just what my (sometimes) sensitive boy needs.

By coincidence, he fell in love with a backpack at Old Navy today – superhero, of course. When he was trying it on, he looked SO grown-up that I could cry. I just cannot believe my baby is packing up to go to school, ride the bus, go on field trips… Where does time go?

To celebrate the exciting day, he requested octopus hot dogs for dinner. At least that’s one thing he still needs me for!

my favorite time of year


As July creeps in and we get closer and closer to the dreaded end of summer… it’s also my favorite time of year. School supplies go on sale! I’ve always loved school supplies, even back in the days when my treasured collection was a box of Lisa Frank shaped erasers. I’m a nerd, a geek, and I’m a proud of it. 

Yesterday, this came in the mail:

(Don’t worry, Walmart doesn’t know I exist, so no endorsements happening here!)

My husband thought I was a little crazy to be so giddy about pens and pencils but they just make me super happy. Right now, my Safari window has tabs for Staples and Office Max, where I can peruse this week’s big sales.

I always joke that I became a teacher so I would always need school supplies… sometimes I think it might not be a joke after all. :-X