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safe from harm


I watched my sweet little boy today, carrying an armful of chicken eggs from the barn, carefully stepping just so to ensure that none of them were broken or cracked on the journey back to the house. 

I watched him and wished that I could keep *him* that safe, protect him from all of the dangers and evils in the world. 

Early this morning, a gunman in Colorado shot and killed 12 people, and injured over 30 more, at a movie theater. Dozens of families are now mourning, when their loved ones were doing a perfectly routine activity, just going about their lives and minding their own business. 

People around the country have jumped up, to judge the moviegoers, to question the filmmakers, to protest the gun laws. Everyone wants to point a finger and make some sort of sense out of what has happened. But really, we should all be clinging to the ones that *we* love, and thinking of those who are grieving today. 

Senseless things happen every day. In the split second, someone makes a decision, or something happens. It’s not always on this scale, it’s not always something we hear about. But every, single day something happens that no one understands. And blaming the victims will never be the answer. If we want this society to be a better place for our children, we ourselves must learn to put aside our differences and join together in grief. 

It makes me sad that people will spend their days now, using this as an excuse to argue and bully. While the mothers of those 12 victims will mourn, and wish that they could have protected their children, no matter what their age. And I will hug my son a little tighter tonight, thankful for another day that has kept him safe.